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Classical Art at Home offers Classical Art for Homeschoolers and for every type of artist, or art enthusiast.

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Free access Kevin McEvoy's highly acclaimed to Art History Lectures: From Giotto - Sargent.  We will be adding new lectures monthly and we are happy to share!
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The Best Classical Art Education available Online

" When someone finds your soul and gives you the tools to explore it, you have found the ultimate teacher, philosopher and artist. Kevin is such a man. His approach to art is all encompassing: reaching into music, all periods of art, color, value... Then he proceeds to quietly give you all the necessary tools to allow you to change the blank slate of paper, that canvas and your mind into something rare and evolving."
Kitti Davenport
"I love how Kevin teaches! When I started I loved to draw, but didn't know how to draw what I saw, and now I am painting portraits."
Melanie Howe
"I love sitting down with my sons and doing the lessons together.  It's so peaceful to draw together, watch them grow and then see what each personality seems to pull out."
The Artist's Wife

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online art schools?

With us you will have step by step easy to follow drawing lessons that will quickly give you the confidence to draw realistically.  Art history is incorporated into our courses so you can see how the method we teach is proven.  Each lesson is designed to fit seamlessly into your week, in which you can enjoy learning how to draw and be content with a skill you are growing.  Access to monthly zoom lessons also give you a chance to learn directly from Kevin McEvoy.

What courses should I start with?

Would you try to hang a chandelier before the foundation of the house has been laid? Of course not, we all know that you first need a structure. Likewise, artists need a structure on which they build their drawings and paintings; and so I myself went and studied for years at the oldest active atelier in Europe, to learn the foundational elements, and in time, the advanced concepts and techniques. This course is really a journey, where you join me, Kevin McEvoy, as I take you alongside myself as I draw and paint the world around me. When you start at the beginning, you will hear me share key concepts and vocabulary. Even if you are already advanced, I advise that you begin with Foundations of Drawing, a course that is the bedrock of all the exciting content that is to come.

What about materials?

"Remember this- you can draw for months with just a single pencil, and a piece of paper. In my boyhood years, I learned to draw with a single #2 pencil on sheets of printer paper; as an aspiring student, I acquired what materials I could afford and improvised to fill the gaps; now, as a professional artist I work with the highest quality art supplies available. Now, to work with anything less than the best art products would prevent me from being able to execute my vision as an artist, because I slowly learned how to use the materials." - Kevin McEvoy