Italian trained Artist

Kevin McEvoy

A gifted teacher and award winning artist, Kevin McEvoy has a unique, twin gifting in both creating art, and in communicating. “I suppose I come from a rich line of Irish storytellers” McEvoy laughs. He brings art to his students and meets them where they are, by illustrating his ideas with compelling art historical lessons and rich metaphors. Regardless of age or skill level, students are warmly welcomed into the world of drawing and painting. 

To begin, let’s ask a simple question- what is an atelier? An atelier is not an art studio, nor a large, community art center, nor an educator who merely offers educational artist content. The word atelier means “workshop” in French, and for centuries it was the household word for a master artist’s studio that both produced art work, and provided education. Ateliers have historically provided the greatest educational offering to art students, because they are based on “do as I do”. After years of studying at one of the most prestigious ateliers in the world, Kevin returned to his native New York and began his career as a prolific, professional oil painter, and also opened his own, private atelier. Enjoying other people’s company, he was astonished at the momentum that the studio so quickly gained, and he soon had more students than he could teach. His studio eventually evolved into the largest of its kind on all Long Island, drawing artists and students from around the globe.

Over twelve years, and while working with hundreds of students, Kevin honed his twin giftings: that of creating art and of teaching art. He became a notable and distinguished figure in the art education world. Over the course of the years, Kevin took the unique methodology and teaching techniques of Europe, and incorporated them into his own teaching practices. Every lesson is suffused with not just technical ideas, but with art history. Students did remarkably well in this art lesson/art history environment, and his body of students thrived.

An admirer of the polymaths of the Renaissance, Kevin is a firm believer of the interconnectedness of all disciplines- his teaching always points students towards seeing the connection between art, science, literature, music, and geometry.

“The greatest joy I have is to see the light come on in a student’s eyes… when they finally understand that the light hitting the side of a child’s face is the same as water rushing against the side of a rock in a stream. With understanding, students come to connect the dots in the created world around them… they ignite their capacity for delight, embarking on a lifelong journey of curiosity.” - Kevin McEvoy

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Classical Art Tradition that has been handed down for generations.

An atelier is a private studio that is headed by one master artist who is thoroughly trained in the atelier tradition of drawing and painting, the classical tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The head artist of an atelier passes along to students a cohesive and comprehensive education that is the culmination of centuries of art studio practice, yet is thoroughly rooted in the concerns of the present age. And so, the McEvoy Atelier starts right at the beginning of art education, and continues on to advanced subjects, offering you scores of hours of unified, comprehensive, and sequential education which is interwoven with rich art historical illustrations- all for just $14.99 a month, with the ability for cancellation at any time. Hours of new content are added each month, with new activities regularly posted. The unique structure of this curriculum is designed for hours and hours of activity off screen activity, minimizing on screen time, making sure that you stay anchored in the natural world.

Online art classes

A complete art education program starting with the foundations of Drawing course through to Anatomy.  McEvoy Atelier offers a complete spectrum of quality classical art instruction to take you from 7th grade through to high school.

Zoom Classes available once a month

One hour zoom classes in which Kevin will teach a short lesson and critique some of the students work.  Here is an opportunity to see what peers are doing and ask any questions you may have. Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions.

Zoom classes are on Fridays 1pm eastern and cost $20 each class.

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Our courses can benefit anyone that wants to learn a comprehensive method of how to draw from life.  Whether they are homeschool students or not, in school or retired, many have come to enjoy our courses.

Art History Lectures

Our free art history lectures are a popular favorite.  Learn how we stand on the shoulders of the giants of the art world and how they got to where they are in history.

Private School Curriculum

The McEvoy Atelier classical art curriculum has become widely popular in private school across the country.  Our services provide logins for all students, written out lesson plans to guide art teachers, facility organization of your classroom and also weekly one hour guided lesson planning with our team to guarantee a successful program at your school. 

Classical Art Instruction

Classical Art Instruction teaches you how to draw from life - a versatile skill that can be applied to any profession in the arts, from architecture to animator, video game design to fine art portraiture, from graphic design to interior design.  Learning how to see light, form and be able to depict it is an indispensable skill.

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Learn Drawing and Painting with Kevin McEvoy, a professional artist trained in Italy, in the oldest active atelier in Europe. With scores of hours of online video content, each concept is explained visually and woven together with art history. Every lesson has an art activity, so that students can digest and apply what they have learned.
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