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Cathy Duffy

Cathy Duffy is best known as a curriculum specialist. As the author of the two-volume Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual (Elementary Grades and Junior/Senior High) she researched curriculum and methodology for all subjects and all grade levels.
“The detailed instruction is great for serious art students. McEvoy says that the skills taught in this course are the “geometric essence of all of drawing and painting,” and aspiring artists will begin to identify the geometric shapes in almost everything….The instruction and the pacing are excellent. I found it easy to follow along, usually working on my own drawing while watching and occasionally pausing.” I am a professional Makeup Artist passionate about sharing my knowledge of makeup and love of illustrations. I loves to teach women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.

McEvoy Atelier Membership

We have classical art courses for beginner to advanced students. Each course is comprised of a series of lessons with step by step video instruction, art history references and application activities. Your Membership gives you access to all the courses so that you can move through them at the right speed for your skill level.

Draw with Confidence

Draw from Life

Art History incorporated in every course.