The Heart of our misson to bring classical art as the basis of art!

What is Classical Art? 
It's Importance In Education!

The Classical Art Method of drawing and painting is based on master artists with proven methods of replicating exactly what you see using the foundational building blocks that DiVinci and Michelangelo used.

People wonder why classical art? Art comes naturally to people. Children pick up a crayon before they pick up a pencil. Children draw before they write, and they love to just scribble and the freedom of expression. Not really thinking just playing which is an important aspect of art. When children learn to write they learn to hold a pencil and at first they are gently guided to form letters then their name, and eventually whole sentences, essays paragraphs and more. However when teachers teach students drawing they automatically just jump into just draw what you see and skip the WHOLE FOUNDATION of “How to hold your pencil, where is the light coming form and how to draw it hitting an object”, most art students have never even heard of foundational drawing vocabulary words such as contour, reflected light and more. Which is why most art student graduates can not draw well.
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