Write/Draw A Picture Book

Combining Art With Language Arts

  1. My kids love writing their own books even at a young age your child could narrate to you the story and you could write it down and then they could draw pictures to go along with it. 
  2.  If they’re older they could write the story and draw, and make it into a book themselves. Older children love comic books or graphic novels. They could write an outline for their comic and download a comic page template and write their very own comic. 
  3. I have two boys and they loved their video games but they were only allowed to play a certain amount of time a day which was never as much as they wanted to so I bought a roll of paper and had them create their own video game.  They had a blast, they had to use their imagination and figure out the story line, write the important parts out and what each character and object was, then they drew it out on the roll of paper. They had a blast! I still have that somewhere.