Classical Christian Art Curriculum

Join Christian Schools and Homeschool Coops around the country and give your students the ability to communicate in with a visual language, a skill that is useful for innovators of all types.
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Our Mission:
Making Classical Art Accessible and Relatable, While Developing an Appreciation for God's Natural Creation.


40 Minute Lessons, students draw along with 15 min lessons and finish on their own in class.


Staffing Solutions:
Engaging Curriculum to support teachers to teach art with confidence and consistency


Engaging Middle and High School Art Curriculum that mixes both the technical skill of observational drawing with fun creative imaginative projects.
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What Schools are saying:

"This is a class that they love ...  I have already had excited parents report to me that their students are coming home from school and choosing to use their free time at home to draw quietly instead of using the x-box or scroll through their phone.  I think one of the best indicators of excellence in teaching is that students develop a desire to engage with the material with their own time!  On behalf of our students, thank you so much.

P.S.  The women sitting on the left in the class photo is our mathematics teacher who is learning right alongside her students during her one free block every day.  It is just that good a class!  Also, it was reported to me that the three best students had not turned in their work for the photo.  They wanted to spend more time on their drawings, so they were hanging onto them until the due date.  

Robert Albers
Head of School


Seattle Classical Christian School

Seattle Classical Christian School is in their second year of using our art program for their 6-9th grade students.  Please listen to their art teacher Lauren Sioni's Review:
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How do you teach art classically?

"The course is wonderful and the kids are excited to do it.”
Samantha Lineman, Gravitas Stony Brook Prep School

For everyone that loves learning

Learn through hybrid distance learning courses

Learn How to See Objects in their Geometric Essence, then the world of Drawing opens up to you

Students learn the foundational elements of drawing, such as identifying light in art and the geometric make up of every subject.  Think of it as the definitions of drawing.

Combining Observational Process learning with Project Based Imaginative Creativity

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.

Integrated with Art History

Students see the concepts taught were used by art masters of the past.  We believe strongly in the 'standing on the shoulders of giants' by giving students a strong foundation in art history.

How to teach art classically?

Why would a Christian Education involve the arts?

1. Arts are a lifelong skill.  As adults

What are the three basic characteristics of classical art?

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How to grade art?

1. Evaluate your school's academic focus.  Some schools feel participation is enough and others measure specific individual progress.
2. Give your students clear direction of your expectations.  A certain percentage of overall grade should come from participation, completed artwork and another from direct assessments.
3. Assess definitions and art history facts: these are items that can be memorized by any student regardless of art skill and will directly improve their art skills.
4. Give clear direction and parameters with each drawing you intend to grade.  Tell the students how much of the paper the composition should take up and what you are looking for exactly. For example, perhaps you'd like to see dramatic contrast to push the object forward or detailed rendering.
5. Assess individual growth: students start at different places and end with different results.  The growth doesn't look the same, but you should look for a general improvement in each students drawing ability.
6. Give optional art for home, so students have the opportunity to dive deeper into art and develop their skill further.  

How to teach art to middle school students

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How to encourage students to draw?

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What to do with art students who finish early?

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