Livestream drawing this week- "A Llama"

The Livestream at 2:30 was great today!

Drawing something whimsical like a llama can be so fun, because we can throw notions we have of what we know to the wind, and just play. This guy looked like he had a laugh in the corner of his mouth, and his eyelid kinda heavy, it seemed like he was a chill surfer dude.

I had a lot of fun producing this- I used my fingers and even heel of my hand to smudge big and broad areas, I used a sharp pencil to get crisp passages, such as the bone of the nose, and I used a blending stump to softly indicate subtle passages, such as beneath the eye. I'll wrap things up by hatching some lines. 

Looking forward to next livestream with everyone! Requests are always welcome, ahead of time. (Thanks Gianna for this recommendation!) See you all next week, Tuesday the 27th at 2:30, for the next stream.

"Draw every day" is more or less a translation of a quote by da Vinci, from his journals

Daily Art Nugget: In my opinion, a central goal of learning is to get so good at something, you don't even have to think anymore. You just act, and let your feelings lead the way. 

Draw every day, even if just for twenty minutes