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Drawing and Painting in the Atelier Tradition- Art Instruction Lessons Combined with Art History Lessons, Woven Together for You
Classical Art at Home from The McEvoy Atelier

Classical Fine Art Drawing & Painting Courses

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We have classical art courses for beginner to advanced students. Each course is comprised of a series of lessons with step by step video instruction, art history references and application activities. Your Membership gives you access to all the courses so that you can move through them at the right speed for your skill level.
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Classical Fine Art & Drawing Courses for Homeschoolers

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Classical Art at Home from McEvoy Atelier

Fine Art Instruction for Every Student

Classical Art for Homeschool Students

We provide the best classical art curriculum from our studio straight to your home. Lesson are designed in 40 min segments so that they can easily fit into your day. The recommended schedule is doing two - 40 min lessons a week.

Weekly Live Zoom Art Classes Tuesdays at 2:30

 Our Classical Art at Home McEvoy Atelier Membership invites you to participate in lively weekly zoom classes with Kevin McEvoy. We want to provide a connection to the artist, Kevin, to the student and also motivation to consistently stay connected to the course material.  We don't want our online course to be lonely. Because all students are in different places, the zoom lessons are diverse in their content and don't necessarily relate to exactly where you are in the course, but are still quite engaging. 

Private School or Co-op Curriculum

Using guided lesson plans combined with excellent resources, we give your school a solid classical art curriculum that stands out.  We offer yearly contracts to schools or co-ops that want to provide weekly in-person classes at their facility using their teachers.  These contracts provide weekly advising from our staff, guided lesson plans to go along with our online content, sketchbooks and online profiles for each student, as well as two private zoom session with Kevin McEvoy each year. Please email us for more information.

Courses for ages 10+ and for all skill levels.

Using our on-line course offerings, you move at your own pace while in the comfort of your home. We offer an online program with personal attention, so that you don't have to drive your child to art class. Anyone can draw given the proper instruction and motivation to learn.

Kevin McEvoy

Having studied at the oldest active atelier in Europe for several years, and as the founder and director of a large atelier in New York, I have taught the classical atelier methods of drawing and painting for the past 12 years to students of all ages and abilities. I have learned to meet each student where they are, from absolute beginners to established professionals. I am very pleased to now offer online the full spectrum of what I myself have learned, as a professional artist. Offering scores of hours of video tutorials, students now have access to a complete and cohesive curriculum, ranging from beginner drawing to advanced drawing, from still life painting to portrait painting, from imaginative art to constructive anatomy, and much more. Really, this online art curriculum relays wherever my interest might lead (there's even an upcoming lesson in drawing the anatomy of insects, a favorite of younger students!) In addition to all of this, students will appreciate that there is always featured a comprehensive section on materials, so that students can source and purchase the optimal art supplies for each lesson. Passionate about drawing and painting, as a boy I sketched in the gentle rolling hills of Ireland, and as a teenager I studied Greek statuary at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. As a young man, I studied classical drawing and painting for several years in both South America, and in the oldest active atelier in Europe, the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. I am now a professional artist painting and teaching in New York, and traveling internationally for my career. I enjoy painting people, still life subjects, landscapes, and interiors. For more information, visit my site:

What our learners say about us

I love how Kevin teaches! When I started, I loved to draw, but didn't know how to draw what I saw... and now I am painting portraits. 
Melanie Howe, New York
When someone finds your soul and gives you the tools to explore it, you have found the ultimate teacher, philosopher and artist. Kevin is such a man. His approach to art is all encompassing: reaching into music, all periods of art, color, value... Then he proceeds to quietly give you all the necessary tools to allow you to change the blank slate of paper, that canvas and your mind into something rare and evolving.
Kitti Davenport, North Carolina
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Frequently asked questions

Why Classical Art?

The Classical Art Method of drawing and painting is based on master artists with proven methods of replicating exactly what you see using the foundational building blocks that DiVinci and Michelangelo used.

Why McEvoy Atelier?

Kevin McEvoy is a Classical trained Instructor of over 15 years with thousands of students. Kevin took the unique methodology and teaching techniques of Europe, and incorporated them into his own teaching practices. Every lesson is suffused with not just technical ideas, but with art history. Students did remarkably well in this art lesson/art history environment, and his body of students thrived. An admirer of the polymaths of the Renaissance, Kevin is a firm believer of the interconnectedness of all disciplines- his teaching always points students towards seeing the connection between art, science, literature, music, and geometry. “The greatest joy I have is to see the light come on in a student’s eyes… when they finally understand that the light hitting the side of a child’s face is the same as water rushing against the side of a rock in a stream. With understanding, students come to connect the dots in the created world around them… they ignite their capacity for delight, embarking on a lifelong journey of curiosity.”

How can I choose my courses?

You can follow our recommended sequential order of courses and start with Foundations of Drawing,  or choose your own courses in the order that works for you. Membership gives you access to all of our offerings.

How does this curriculum incorporate instruction, art history and creating art?

Learn Drawing and Painting with Kevin McEvoy, a professional artist trained in Italy, in the oldest active atelier in Europe. With scores of hours of online video content, each concept is explained visually and woven together with art history. Every lesson has an art activity, so that students can digest and apply what they have learned.
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