Classical Art for Homeschoolers

V. Still Life Drawing

After taking “Foundations in Drawing” and “Drawing from Life”, you are ready for this course, “Still Life Drawing”, in which Kevin thoroughly covers composition, different lighting techniques, textures, and the dialogue between shapes. Learn how to pair different textures in order to “heighten” an object, giving your objects a compelling presence in the work. The ultimate goal is learning not only how to replicate a work such as this, but to have your eyes opened to the visual possibilities in your every day world, around you, so that you can create your own work, a sincere expression which is in line with your own vision.Add your short course description here
Year II



Foundations of Drawing and Drawing from Life

Step by Step Instruction with

Art History Incorporated




1/4 credits
30-50 Hours


McEvoy Atelier Membership

Kevin McEvoy

Fine Art Painter
Kevin’s paintings draw on the classical methods he acquired in Florence, and are applied in a contemporary context to the world around him. Interested in the sublime that is to be found in the mundane, his paintings speak to us in common terms, the poetry of everyday life.

Course reviews

"It is so exciting to see it all come together"

"I never thought I'd be able to draw like this. It is broken down into such approachable steps, I know agree that anyone can learn to draw."