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IX: Portrait Painting

A twenty hour portrait painting course, in which Kevin takes you step by step through the various stages of painting a portrait, narrating each and every decision that he makes. From the set up of the pose, to the laying in of the first strokes; from the mixing of the flesh tones, to the final impasto touch of white for the highlight of the eye, join us as Kevin paints his son Liam’s portrait, in the historic portrait painting tradition that he was trained in at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy.
Year IV


Art Instruction

Step by Step


.5 credits




1 Semester
30 Hours


McEvoy Atelier Membership

Kevin McEvoy

Fine Art Painter
Kevin’s paintings draw on the classical methods he acquired in Florence, and are applied in a contemporary context to the world around him. Interested in the sublime that is to be found in the mundane, his paintings speak to us in common terms, the poetry of everyday life.

Course reviews

"I enjoy not just the instruction, but the human commentary. I find this course a pleasure to listen to."

"I thought it was so neat when he turned the painting upside down."